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aldamati Travel is an independent travel agency that has been serving the public for over 25 years. We book all aspects of travel: air, car, hotels, tours, cruises, groups, all – inclusive resorts and vacation packages.

During our travels our management developed relationships directly with hotels, transfer companies, local suppliers and motor coach operators.

Are you planning a trip to our part of the world? Arrange an appointment with our senior staff. A tailor-made vacation from budget to deluxe, we are here to service you.

But, besides our main destinations, we can also offer you a wide choice of hotels, transfers and sightseeing tours in most of the other countries of the world.

So, for all your travel needs make Aldamati Travel Agency the first stop on your shopping list.


Some Of Our Work 

** Conferences:-

-  Biochime pharma staff incentive trip to morocco group 40 pax .

-  jamjoom pharma staff incentive trip  to Malaysia 110 pax .

- jamjoom pharma doctor's group to dubai (al paco meeting 55 pax ) .
-  Solvey pharma doctor's group the aghadir morocco 85 pax.

-  Jamjoom pharma doctor's groupr to cairo 42 pax .

-  Solvey staff group to istnabul 60 pax.

-  Jamjoom pharma staff to Istanbul 110 pax.

 -  Sandoz pharma staff group to morocco 35 pax.

-  Jpi & alhekma pharma doctor's group to sharm elsheikh & cairo  45 pax .

-  Jamjoom pharma staff group tuins 145 pax .

-  Novalac pharma doctor's group Istanbul 40 pax .

-  Saja pharma doctor's group Milan italya 40 pax .

-  Saja pharma doctor's group Alx  50 pax .

-  Saja pharma doctor's group cairo 40 pax .

-  Sandoz pharma doctors group muinch garmany 15 pax .

-  Sandoz pharma doctor's group Frankfort garmany.

  •  Group doctor's to Ismailaya 30 pax
  • The 45th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Society of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine In Ain Sokhna      300p pax        2013

- AUG Pharma 45 Docotr Madinah  And Makkah 2014

- AUG Pharma 80 Docotr Madinah  And Makkah 2015

- AUG Pharma 90 Docotr Madinah  And Makkah 2016

- AUG Pharma 97 Docotr Madinah  And Makkah 2017

** Sports tournaments:-

-  Huyndai group euro 2012  – ukraina (Donetsk) 40 pax .

-  Huyndai group euro 2012 - ukraina (kive) 45 pax . 

** Cherter Aircraft :-

-  Cherter fight to sharm el sheikh

-  Charter flight from istnbul to Donetsk    165pax 

** Education Tourism :-

- Students trip to Malaysia English courses for 150 students .

- Dar alfeker  students group to Dubai 30 pax .

- Dar alfeker students group trip to morocco + Spain

- Language Courses  Abroad for Adults and Students aged 16 & above

(Education First)




 Malaysia Conference

                                               Istanbul conference

                                         Sharm el-Sheikh conference

                                                  Agadir conference

                                              Casablanca Conference


                                         Sharm el-Sheikh conference

                                                Donetsk- Euro 2012

                                                  Medina conference


 The 45th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Society of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine In Ain Sokhna



Khalid Al Damaty